The Research of Scarlet Medusa is facing the end of its life




  We assume that you visited this website because you already know something about scarlet medusa. If you want to know more about this jellyfish, here is a brief explanation.


   This research has been carried out by Assoc. Prof. Shin Kubota at Kyoto University, however, he is approaching retirement.

   And unfortunately, no one is succeeding this challenging research. Therefore, Dr. Kubota has been planning for several years to establish

   a laboratory and a museum and to carry out researches not only on scarlet medusa but also on other highly regenerative organisms.

    He has approached a wide variety of people and organizations but the plan is facing difficulty from the preliminary step.

          As a part of the plan, we are considering to raise money by crowdfunding and other methods.                           

               We would like to ask you to support our effort when the project starts moving forward.

   Please feel free to link this site… and we would appreciate it if you could introduce this project on the internet or to anyone and anywhere.

                 Preparatory Committee for Scarlet Medusa and Regenerative Biological Science Laboratory
                                      Chief Director: Shin Kubota



              Field Science Education and Research Center, Seto Marine Biological Baboratory, Kyoto University  Dr. Kubota’s Lab 
               459 Shirahama, Nishimuro, Wakayama, Japan 649-2211    Tel: 0739-42-3515

                                      kubota.shin5e at mark kyoto-u.ac.jp



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